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Get significant discounts from Aetna on a wide array of services without insurance!  It gives them peace of mind by putting important dental care within affordable reach, along with one of the largest dental discount networks in America, Aetna Dental AccessSM.  Plus receive additional savings on vision care, alternative health care and fitness services, free of charge. Sign Up for Vital Savings by Aetna(SM) today and Get One Month FREE with an Annual Sign Up. Learn more here.
Investigate Dental Insurance & Health Plans

1monthfree_125x125v2Dental Insurance Plans from Aetna

Independent Dental Coverage - Dental Insurance For Family

Paying TOO MUCH for your Dental Insurance? eHealthInsurance offers a
wide selection of quality dental plans.

Discount ranging from 15 - 50% on everything for general dentistry , cleanding to root canals, crowns oand orthodontia

Over 65,000 available dental practices located nationwide. Aetna Dental Access network is one of the the largest dental discount networks in America.

FREE instant dental insurance quotes, best available prices, online applications and a knowledgeable Customer Care team to help you find the dental plan that's right for you.

Independent Dental Coverage - Dental Insurance For Family - Low Cost Health Insurance Coverage

Save up to 70% on your health medical insurance costs!
Low Cost Heath Insurance for Individuals and Groups

NEED Low Cost Health Insurance? Featuring the largest selection of major medical health plans from leading companies.

Multiple quote provides low cost shopping. Health, Life, Business, Group, Auto, Homeowners

Shop and compare rates. Save money by lowering your monthly bill.

Click on any of our top providers on the left to access a quick quote for health medical insurance. These companies offer the most complete competitive offerings available.

Instant multiple quotes to compare for low cost for small group health medical insurance plans. Small business and group medical insurance offered by eHealth features


Compare for overall low cost from over 140 leading health insurance companies available nationwide. 1monthfree_160x600

Private Health Insurance Is Available
NEW YORK (AP) - Every year, millions of Americans who have health insurance through employers lose it for one reason or another: They're laid off, they retire early, they headoff to college.

Doing without something as basic as health insurance can be risky because an unexpected illness can devastate a family's finances for years. Private policies are available, but finding them takes research and they're often more costly than company group rates.

For someone who loses a job with a large or mid-size company, the best option is often a COBRA policy, said Alan R. Ziegler, president of the Society of Financial Service Professionals, an organization of insurance and benefits specialists and financial planners.

COBRA, which takes its name from the Consolidated Omnibus Budget and Reconciliation Act of 1986 that created it, allows workers to continue their employer health care coverage after they've been laid off or voluntarily left a job, generally for up to 18 months.

"The ex-worker pays the full premium, so it can be costly," said Ziegler, chief executive of the Futures Funding Corp. in Rochester, N.Y. "But you're buying quality coverage."

If that isn't a possibility, he said, consider joining an organization that offers group health insurance as a member perk. screens for first rate low cost health insurance providers for your medical coverage.

Our featured health provider, eHealth, offers individual and family medical plans cover preventative care as well as emergencies and provide long term protection for you and your family.

Best prices - and free search services. Largest medical provider selection - More health insurance plans than any other agent. Safe, secure, and easy online application process. eHealth also offers a wide selection of quality short term, student, travel, and dental plans.

Health costs are soaring skyhigh. It pays to compare plans for low costs and understand what coverage is available. Your family health coverage is important as well as your financial need to cut costs. Find the right and cheapest health plan for you.

For all business related quotes, you'll also be able to easily determine the amount each individual employee will need to pay toward his or her health insurance coverage, as well as the company's contribution to each employee's coverage.

For small businesses, for instance, eHealthInsurance, features instant quotes for all small group health insurance plans. As soon as you enter basic information about your company and your employees, online quotes -- customized for your company -- will be immediately generated for you.

You can obtain FREE instant quotes, side-by-side low cost comparisons, the best available prices, online applications, and a knowledgeable Customer Care team to help you find the plan that is right for you. Need Low Cost Health Insurance? FREE Instant Quotes!


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